Module 3 Reflection


The editing process is so exciting that it makes feel like a director of the year—I can control the whole world! It’s me who create this story and show it to others. When I finish the video, I feel extremely proud. Through the editing process, I have to query myself what I want and how to make it. Thus the both the idea and logic are gradually sharped.  Besides, new ideas will jump out in this process, and this is the most exciting moment when you are creating something.


I think it is very interesting when we are asked which part is your favorite. For my video, some of my classmates said they like the teenager and twenties sections because these sections contain lots of information and mean a lot in one’s whole lifespan. Others said they like the burning and dying out candle in twilight section. It is actually a metaphor to use the image of candle to express the process of old. For me, I like the skeleton most. I don’t know if I can talk about the topic of life and death at my age, I did not personally experience death, just experience others’. When I see a skeleton, I think it is extremely pure. No earthly confusion about status and money, no unrealistic lust and even no little bit of happiness and sorrow. It is just the initial and final condition how we face this world. I will calm down, want to make more efforts to understand this world and do more things overwhelming the cruel reality, for life is so short and fragile.


When I edit this video, if there is lacking pieces of footage to support every section, I will use images to replace.  The reason I do this is perhaps I am used to deal with two and three dimensional figures. For video, it is a four-dimensional medium because it conveys how time flies. More information is covered when overlay different footage together. I think I need to try to do some bolder combinations.


As this video tells a story about a child’s artistic journey, it can be showed in nursery and primary schools to attract more children to devote themselves to art.   

Final question

My initial idea is about memory and blur, it’s hard to distinguish whether I did this idea in my video or not. No one and even I did not mention this in class. 

Thank you very much for help from Professor Joseph Squier and all my classmate! This course is really a fantastic experience!