Reflection on Module 2

I find it’s interesting that all of my interviewers want to prepare for this shooting because they think this is a very formal topic. Even though, one of them is still very nervous and feels uncomfortable before lens. Besides, all of them speak slowly and I have to take a mass of time to cut their interjections. In addition, from the words of my Indian classmate, I can feel her pride of her own country and her nice expectation of its future. To be honest, it moves me. If someone ask me to talk about my country, I will say more negative things than positive ones. I don’t know why I want to do this kind of thing. Maybe from people’s ideas about their most familiar things, their way of life can be spied. This is what I think most in my editing process- penetrating into the inner world of different people in a shallow step.
It seems that my topic is a little boring and everyone looks very serious. There are some improper audio volume management in my video. I notice this problem in my editing process, and make a little adjustment, but the sounds of narrators still sounds too low. Through Module 2 I know that a dv or professional camera is necessary. I used my phone and iPad to shoot some pieces of section, they do not work well on audio collection. Besides, my video is too long and it needs to be more compact. I did not give any feedback to my classmates actually, because I had the similar ideas about their video with others’ comments.
Next time I will use a dv absolutely. Think about ideas, make editing and combinations in a more artistic way.
I want to play this video for my interviewers, but they don’t want to see it. Maybe it’s a little weird to see someone self in a screen.
Final Question
The text at the beginning of the video should be lasted for a longer time, because it’s the background of my ideas about India, and these ideas are conflict with my interviewers’. There is a comparison of several different ideas. However this text disappears too soon, so it cannot convey my ideas completely.

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