Week 1 Writing about This American Life:Pandora’s Box

1.The first one which talks about a scientific discovery leave a strongest impression on me. It displays a lot of wonderful things like the memory of many first time. Then it talks about a rigorous rat experiment. When Dr. Andre Fenton talks about their discovery about memories, he’s obviously very happy and proud of it. However, when he reads the letters which show people want to use this technology to erase their bitter memories, he seems a little bit lost for there’s a bitter smile on his face. How a new kind of technology will be used is unpredictable, and many of them will raise a controversy, such as clone and genetically modified food.  We have no reason to blame scientists for their innovations. It just like the Pandora’s Box, you can’t predict what will happen next. The expression of Dr. Fenton is in striking contrast and I’m deeply moved by that. There’s less participants in this story which is different from the other two pieces, just a rat, two scientists and several flashed fragments. It makes it easier for me to focus and get to the main point where this video intend to express. Therefore, I like this piece most.

2.This video is:


All of them are discussing commonly known topics and they are not boring.

Slow rhythm

Tell stories in an unhurried way, as a result viewers’ mood won’t swing violently.

Open ending

Leave room for viewers to have their own thinking.


All three pieces talk about a few good features of new things first and then go on with some unpredictable consequences these new things conveyed.